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Our Story



The Intersection is an inclusive and thriving spiritual community creating experiences of Divine Love, serving as a catalyst for individual and global awakening. It's a place where inspiration is in the air. We are not your traditional Sunday morning gathering - we are so much more. 

We are here to heal, not harm; to love, not fear.

Every Sunday people from all over the Las Vegas valley converge upon The Beacon Center (4505 W. Hacienda Ave) for an electric and empowering experience. We meditate, contemplate, get motivated by life-changing teaching, and connect with one another forming meaningful relationships that extend far beyond the 90-minute MasterClass & Conversation.

We are here to unite, not divide; to build bridges, not walls.

The Intersection isn't a gathering of a particular religion, it's a MasterClass & Conversation leading to Expanded Consciousness. We are made up of people from various backgrounds and faith traditions. For us, it's not about the messenger, it's all about the message; everything is spiritual because we understand who we are. When we talk about love, kindness, goodness, energy, consciousness…we are talking about The Divine.

We believe that God is love, has always been love, and that God is capable of nothing outside of love. It is this belief, based on the testimony of the Bible and other inspired books, that guides everything we do. It is what invigorates and inspires us; what keeps us centered and defines who we are.

We engage in thoughtful consideration of real-life issues. Our view is both optimistic and intellectual, while we offer practical and down-to-earth application. Whether scholar or student, skeptical or sold-out, The Intersection is the place for you! 





Here at The Intersection, we believe in you! You will be accepted, loved, and inspired... We'll see YOU this Sunday!!!

Will and JaJuan Rucker, Founders
MasterClass and Conversation. Expand Your Consciousness!
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