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Common Questions

Q: What is the mission of The Intersection?


Q: What makes The Intersection different?

A: We aren't trying to be different - we're just being ourselves. We strive for laughter, creativity, honest relationships, and practical messages of hope. We've found out that living outside the box is more fun than living in it.


Q: Will I fit in?


Q: I'm not sure what I believe. Is The Intersection for me?


Q: I'm not religious, I'm spiritual. What can this community offer me?


Q: Do I have to give money when I show up?

A: Nope! Every service we give our regular attendees an opportunity to give in the offering, but it is not required. You're welcome to come and check us out as long as you want before you think about giving.


Q: How long are the meetings?

A: Our MasterClass & Conversation is 90 minutes long. We keep it short so you want to keep coming back. We want you to leave wanting more - not wishing it was less. This will become the best part of your week!


Q: What time should I arrive?

A: Most families arrive 15-20 minutes prior to start time to enjoy our complimentary coffee and get to know other families. 


Q: What if I come from a different background?

A: That's great! We are glad you're here. We all come from different places and welcome everyone from any religious (or nonreligious) background. Come as you are!


Q: What denomination is The Intersection?

A: The Intersection is a post-denominational spiritual community. What does that mean? It just means that we do not align ourselves with any particular denomination or faith (i.e. Baptist, Pagan, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, etc.). This allows us to be a spiritual home for all and share truth without a slant. We call it "open-faith."


Q: OK, so I'm thinking about visiting The Intersection. What should I expect?

A: We believe MasterClass should be something that you look forward to every Weekend. So here's what you'll experience at The Intersection: Friendly people who might hug you, Laughter, Messages that make a difference in your life, and a Casual atmosphere. More info...


Q: What happens when I drop my kids off at Freedom Life Kids?

A: Imagine fun games, friendly & safe adults and even a giant 20-foot inflatable slide. Freedom Life Kids is an exciting place where your kids can discover how to find and follow God in a fun, exciting environment.

Will and JaJuan Rucker, Founders
MasterClass and Conversation. Expand Your Consciousness!
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